Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music of Kutch : a glimpse

Kutch, situated in Gujarat, India, is a land of few people but it is also known among some as a land of palaces, forts, colorful dresses, bird-rich marshes along with beautiful handicrafts that draw throngs of tourists to its Rann of Kutch. Rann of Kutch is an unusual stretch of marshland spanning an area of approximately 10,000 sq. km that separates Gujarat from the Sind region of Pakistan. Kutch gets displayed in all its potential, beauty and vigor during the Kutch Festival which is celebrated near the days of Shivratri. During the celebration, colorfully attired dancers, music concerts, Sindhi bhajan performances, desert music and shops selling embroideries and jewelry are the main attraction for the tourists.

Jaisal Peer (Bheel) :  Download

Pachim Dhara Na Pir (Vaghad Bhajan) :  Download

Paap Taahro (Ravanhattho) :  Download

Bas Karo (Arfana Kaafi) :  Download

Umer Marvi (Bheth) :  Download

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